Song of Forms

The Song of Forms

In this adventure the heroes encounter the seela, who sing a magical song, the Song of Forms. The seela originally used this song in prayers to the spirit of their forest, believing that they could give the forest a body so they could see its physically-embodied majesty. When the ruler of Shahalesti put their forest to the torch, the seela called out to the forest spirit for help, but their song conjured something they did not expect. This song and the Elemental Voice feat that allows it can only be learned from the seela.

Elemental Voice

_You have the elemental ability to sing across the planes. _

Prerequisite: Trained in Arcana and Insight, CHA 13+, speak Elven

Benefit: You are able to sing song of forms feat powers.

Special: You can gain this feat as a bonus feat at any level when it is taught by the fey of the Fire Forest of Innenotdar.

Song of Forms: Corporeal Cantata

A haunting song fills the astral sea around you and the thrum of its power draws the insubstantial into the material.

  • Feat Power * Elemental, Implement (orb, instrument, or weapon)
  • Standard Action; Encounter
  • Close Burst 10
  • At 11th Level Burst 15
  • At 21st Level Burst 20
  • Target Each insubstantial creature in burst
  • Attack CHA vs. Fortitude *Hit For each creature made substantial, the caster takes a number of hit points of damage equal to the creature’s level as he uses his own life energy to create the change. The creature becomes substantial for as long as the song is sung.

    If the creature is possessing a target and the target dies, the possessing creature immediately becomes corporeal, is bloodied and dazed (save ends); it is also weakened for the duration of the encounter.

  • Sustain Minor The song persists. The caster must make a saving throw or take 1 hp of damage for each remaining creature made substantial.

Song of Forms

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