The Seela

The Seela are a race of fey who are native to the Innendotdar Forest, born from the seeds of the Great Home Tree itself.

The seela have been trapped in the Fire Forest of Innenotdar for forty years, during which time the forest fire has been continuously raging.

Just as important, though, is the seela belief that music permeates and defines the universe. Song and melody are not mere metaphors to a seela; they are tools critical to understanding and coping with their environment. The seela turned to music to save themselves when their forest caught fire, and the Song of Forms has long been an integral part of the small settlement the heroes encounter in this adventure. The role music plays in seela beliefs makes the seela more than just small people with wings.

First, all seela are musicians — most sing, because musical instruments are hard to come by in the middle of a forest fire.

Second, a seela tends to sprinkle musical terms in conversation as though existence can be defined by a symphony of infinite complexity, one with individual parts that may be understood by a careful listener. To a seela, every object has a tone, every being has a melody, and every event can be set to music.

Third, a seela believes that even the music of mortals has power. The right song can resonate within the universal symphony and cause change, a fact the seela depend on when singing the Song of Forms.


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