Padraig Bodhrun

halfling bard


St 8 Con 11 Dex 13 Int 11 Wis 15 Cha 19

Ac 23 (Eladrin Finemail +2)

Fort 14 Ref 18 Will 21

Max HP 66

Weapon: Whistling Songbow Shortbow +2 Implement: Doss Drum +2


Abandoned at the doorstep of a simple family in the far-flung human kingdom of Rego, halfling Padraig always felt out for place in his surroundings. Finding solace in music, his constant companion was a drum, which he practiced on incessantly, developing a supernatural relationship with the beat. Teased and coddled for his small size, Padraig harbored a barely-concealed contempt for his fellow villagers, all human with nary a halfling, or, indeed, a bard or other magic user among them.

Recruited reluctantly at a young age as the mascot for a squadron of village soldiers, Padraig found his second calling – combat – when the sergeant of the troop was killed in battle. As the soldiers fell into disorder and confusion, Padraig’s natural leadership skills snapped into action and his drumbeats rallied the troops to a victory—he always knew he was capable of greatness, if only given a chance by the narrow-minded humans! He soon became a trusted warrior and strategist among the locals, but after many battles a sense of wanderlust and stagnation pushed Padraig onto the open road, where he found his current companions…

Padraig Bodhrun

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