The Indigo Kid

A young skald rescued from the clutches of the Inquisition




The Indigo Kid meditates in the cave while he waits for the other to awaken, watching the full blood human turn restlessly in his sleep. The kid tries to recover some memory from his past, but is plagued by presque vu.

Finally everyone is awake, and they all meander out into the flames after the woman casts a protective spell over them. They run into a chicken of a birdman that ran away during battle the day before, and this thrifty and shifty creature convinces the crew to gather some mushrooms to aid in a plan he says he has for quenching the eternal flames of this forest, ‘one patch at a time.’

The crew takes the birdman’s mission and wander into a cave, only to find the remains of a battle 50 years since ended. the markings on the armor, and something found around one of the dead stirs up a memory in draconian within the Indigo Kid. He starts to feel as though there may be something more significant about his understanding of the draconian tongue that he previously realized. He thinks he may not solely be a bard, but that perhaps that is merely the story he has been telling for a long time.

The Indigo Kid is still confused about his selfhood, but is unsurprised when the posse is attached by myconids, and he is pleased to see how quickly this crew handles the adversary. He is still unsure of who to trust, but he is starting to harbor kindred feelings for his battle-mates.

They gather the mushrooms, he finds an amulet, and they return to the birdman to see if all this work, and time spent within the flaming forest, will have been spent well, or in vain. Will the fires be quenched? And will they escape this hell-laden land before the fires burn them into a life of undead servitude to the flame?

The Indigo Kid

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