• BlackWolf


    BlackWolf is a Goliath Barbarian clad in little but a wolverine's hide and a tough but warm smile.
  • Driemz Darkblade

    Driemz Darkblade

    Dark and Mysterious, Driemz seems alive with magic, eyes full of wonderment like a child.
  • Elias Juun

    Elias Juun

    The Dreaming Paladin
  • Geth Corvine

    Geth Corvine

    Grizzled old human fighter, raised by Githyanki.
  • Hours


    A light-hearted 'Seeker'; born from the Fey reaches of the deep wilds as a messenger for the balance of nature; traveling between the cities and woods of Neradia to encourage peace between the civilized races and respect for the wilds.
  • Igby Vicious

    Igby Vicious

    A sharp-tongued quick-witted delinquent
  • Padraig Bodhrun

    Padraig Bodhrun

    halfling bard
  • The Indigo Kid

    The Indigo Kid

    A young skald rescued from the clutches of the Inquisition