War of Fire and Ice

Final Struggle Beneath the World Mountain

Got something sticking in my eye...

Know, oh King that in the Kingdom’s darkest hour, the Brotherhood of Mercy braced the Trillith that animated the skeletal remains of the Dreaming Dragon in a cavern far beneath the world’s largest mountain, while undead dragons flew about. They slew the mighty beast through the swordmage Dreamz Darkblade’s gambit of leaping up to grasp the Torch that flamed in the eye of raging beast, and thus, pulling the brand from its socket, he made use of the artifact to lay waste to the fragment of a dragon’s dream.

The nightmare dissipated without a single hero dying for the cause!

Now that the Torch of the Burning Sky was in the hands of Heroes of the Realm rather than despots and dragons, they were able to win the war, and defeat the Ragasian invasion.

They responded eagerly. The halfling bard became King of Dassen. The dark elf swordmage sought to take the war into the Underdark to battle his brethren and Lolth. The Barbarian continued to bring the war to Ragasia, campaign step by step at the spear head of and Army of Liberation until he was at the very Gates of Ragos. The Wilden Druid, meanwhile returned to his feywild homeland, there to commune with the depths of nature.



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