War of Fire and Ice

Beyond the Mountain

The Acolytes of the Stormbringer returned to Vornhiem after their trials and travails along the Rockhome Road beneath the World Mountain. They had driven off an infestation of vermin, discovered a subterranean trading post run by a cabal of wizards (The Many Pillared Hall and the Mages of Saruun), reopened the Road, and most importantly freed the Titan called Stormbringer from the Pit wherein he was shackled for nigh 100 years. The Shaven Dwarves of the Shadowed Chain had urged the adventurers to help keep the titan in his prison, but the large one himself convinced them, especially Xan Stormsoul, that he was being held unjustly by an iniquitous cult, and so they freed him. Upon his release the titan declared that these were now his Acolytes and were now tasked with exacting his revenge upon the beardless dwarves that imprisoned him.
After spending some time debauching in Vornhiem (and browsing the Library of Zorlac as well), the group made preparations to journey through the Mountain in the interest of reestablishing trade relations between the city and Timbervale beyond.
Along the way the party was ambushed by chaos dwarves, Duergar. Though few in number, the Duergar had a rune-crusted canon that fired an immense gout of flame. It was touch and go for a moment, before they were defeated. They quickly made their way to the exit of this dark road, the Fortress at the Edge of Time.
Xan Stormsoul was nervous about visiting these dwarves with their minimal beards, concerned she may be compelled to fight them all. His fears were proved sound when he encountered Rangrim in the castle courtyard. Rangrim’s chin was as clean as ever. Xan challenged the old Priest, with the help of the Rainbow Mage, Roke, and old Carrick the Green Shadow, he slew the accursed dwarf.
But trouble had only just begun. A murder had been committed on the newly reconsecrated grounds of the Fortress and now a Trial must be had. The Acolytes did not flee, but stood their ground, certain of the justice of their actions. Luckily, Roke had already convinced one venerable dwarf of the situation, and he had become a staunch ally.
One approved, however, for Xan finds himself lightning struck, and floating in the air.



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