Dorik the Mad

A mad monk whose raving wanderings brought him to the farthest reaches of Ragesia


Dorik is a gaunt and thin bearded man, dressed in stained rags. His eyes are wide and although he is young his hair and wispy beard are prematurely white.

Dorik the Mad is a haunted man. He is possessed by visions of other realms and chronologies that occasionally overwhelm him.

His sorcerer powers manifest unpredictably in bursts of insight.

Dorik is the second cousin of Sir Eadan of House Minoki, on his mother’s side. On Dorik’s return to Gate Pass, the merchant set him up in a hut to the south of the city, near the edge of the Innenotdar, the Fiery Forest, in order to keep him out of harm’s way.


Dorik the Mad

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