War of Fire and Ice

Tragic Escape from the Aqueduct

One step too far

And so a hero, a friend new-found was lost to the remnant horror of a people long vanished from the earth. Elias Juun the Dreaming Knight fell to save his fellows from the merciless golem of tombstones and devilwrought statuary. His final moment was not witnessed by the Brotherhood, and so it cannot be known if his final prayer to return to his Dreaming World was answered. All that is known is that he offered himself so that others might live.

Lost and aimless, the Brotherhood had wandered through the devilish and fire haunted tunnels beneath old Seaquen, swimming through water grates and attempting to reconstruct a map from memory that might help to situated their position. Blackwolf’s uncivilized instincts proved invaluable in this. Finally, a dead end was reached. Rubble blocked the water’s flow until it tumbled down a steep chute into uncertain darkness. Above, a circular shaft seemed to offer some escape. And there was a door, ironbound wooden planks swollen with moisture and some immense pressure from within.

Blackwolf shimmied up the the vertical shaft and encountered a large wooden object blocking the path, but saw some light beyond, maybe a star. He hacked at that wood until it fell away, unfortunately sweeping him down with it in a massive crash. The way was clear, but the halfling was curious about the door. The companions duly wrenched the hinges and the edifice exploded as the restrained weight of a ton of rubble spewed forth into the corridor, causing much pain.

Hours climbed the well shaft and found himself on the surface on a promontory cliff above the sea, nearby to a tall lighthouse, at the edge of town.

The Brothers decided to climb the stairs instead of Hours’ rope. They found themselves in a large basement area strewn with rubble and broken statuary. Light trickled in from a corner. Hours found a sparkling ruby diadem in another corner, the light of which mesmerized him. As he took up the jewelry the heaps of rubble heaved up with sudden vigor and formed a monstrosity of wrathfulness, a reflection of man made of the ruined castoffs of civilization. The thing moved to crush Hours, pinning him down in a corner and causing fear to come to the old Wilden’s eyes.

The Brotherhood moved to help but the thing was beyond their ken. Only through the sacrifice of Elias Juun were they able to save themselves.

The Brotherhood escaped through the well shaft and returned to the Lyceum of Seaquen. Along the way they were reunited with Driemz Darkblade, who had returned from the Tower of Timor with new and secret knowledge. He carried a slim blade with which he seemed to have formed a close relationship. Ahleena of the Torrents was with Driemz as well. She was distraught as she had just come from the house and laboratory of her professor Sidoneth who seemed greatly disturbed and had cautioned her to leave his presence, a breach of etiquette and trust that was new to the young cleric. She worried for her mentor.

At the Lyceum, the Brotherhood was happy to rest for a time and discuss with the Wizards about their researches. It seemed that the Dionem was an unfinished device meant to facilitate the control of fearsome beasts, the Tidereaver Tears meant to protect from elemental pressures, and the Book of Kreven hinted at a broad nefarious plot that endangered all practitioners of magic.

It seemed that Katrina Dio Genera had gone back into the fiery aqueduct to research the Wall of Fire. Her whereabouts were unknown.

The party did not search for her, instead recruiting one Jaunt Ellias to bring them to the house where he had brought a message to the people looking for the Brotherhood. It was a macabre looking warehouse used for the processing of fish, judging from the carts full of fish guts parked alongside the building. After some deliberation and a fruitless introduction by Jaunt, the Brotherhood surrounded the building and attacked. They encountered fierce resistance, but eventually to captive a wizard, though a halfling accomplice got away.

The wizard was called Mekong the Blusterer, a Lyceum dropout and talisman of many privateering ships who claimed that he was a great patriot of Seaquen, only one at odds with the political decisions of the establishment. Under pressure, he did admit that his quasi criminal organization had accepted funding from Ragasian factors of unsavory disposition.



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