War of Fire and Ice

The Froghemoth Cometh

After some mucking about with the white Omphalus (and a vision of Leska), the heroes marched up to the roof and battled the corrupted Druid Sidoneth at the edge of the raging sea! The party was immediately swamped by a rogue wave while Sidoneth cackled madly and worked his Hurricane Orb (on a stand at the edge of the seawall). The Padraig the Bard tossed out a staggering note to push the druid over the edge and ran up to battle for control of the Orb.

Sidoneth disappeared into the waves, only to be replaced by the Wrath of Dagon itself the FROGHEMOTH!!!

It was a long long fight, with monsters and heroes getting repeatedly launched into the ocean, but of course they eventually prevailed. Cue the ticker tape parades, feasts and dark tidings of the wars to the north.

It seems that Sidoneth escaped…



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