War of Fire and Ice

Napalm Death and the Temple of Brine

Explorations of the Demon Haunted Aqueducts

The pursuit of arsonists has lead the Brotherhood into the ancient aqueducts below Seaquen where fire ruled supreme. The Fire Mage Katrina turned back to deliver the mystery to the town Magistrate and to gather tools for a ritual dispelling.

Battling with some kind of spirited ooze from the Plane of Fire reinforced Padraig’s sage suspicion that here the barriers between worlds was thin.

A collapsing ceiling drove the party north (or so the Seeker surmised) into a cool side passage where a weary attempt at rest was made upon the wet cold stones of the underground waterway.

Rest was difficult, for a scavenging mollusk happened by, questing tentacles reaching out for the limbs of Blackwolf. Another shell to be cracked.

Exploration lead to another crossroads, east towards smells and sentiments of sulfur? Or west, in salty fog, down stairs laden with the smell of rotting seaweed and encrusted with the icthyic barnacles of the stonemason’s hand.

The Brothers choose to turn west, back towards the heart of the city. Dark stairs lead down, but improbably, a draft of fresh air was smelt. An empty temple and tomb was discovered, the vaulted rooms were dedicated to placating the denizens of the ocean deeps, and it seemed to have seen recent use. Muddy spore lead the tracker through a hidden door and up a narrow stair.

The pulsing roar of the seashore was heard, for the temple abutted onto a hidden strand of beach on a great sea cave guarded by a spire of rock. Such a place could never be entered by ship. A narrow tidal beach revealed another winding stair offering egress from this oceanic grotto.

But escape was not forgone. Out upon the water a storm had gathered strength and great waves crashed against the cavern’s mouth, bringing with them creatures anathemical to the intrusion of the heathen. A swift battle with a squid the size of a horse that tried to drag Elias the Dreaming Knight into the deeps, crabs like blue horse-carts, and a man shaped thing of inestimable fishy horror left the Brotherhood of Aquiline mercy scrambling for an exit before more armies of the deep arrived.



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